Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Booth @ Woodland Rings Primary (10 Nov)

Mdm Mazlindah, from Woodland Rings Primary, invited Earth Society to set up a booth during the school’s 7th N5 Science Carnival event (held on 10 Nov). Five neighbouring schools also participated in the event.  

On 10 Nov, Earth Society members arrived at Woodland Rings Primary on 7.30 am. We put up an Exhibition panel, set up a booth and projected some environmental animations onto the wall of the hall. Students who visit our booth can watch environmental cartoons such as “Animals save the Planet” and WWF animations.

We distributed “Eco-kids website” leaflets and MRT card holders to students at our booth.  

We manned the booth from 7.30am till 3pm.

PM Haze Exhibition @ Vivocity

PM Haze (People’s Movement to Stop Haze), from Young NTUC, has partnered with Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) to put up a Haze exhibition from 7 to 9 Nov @ Vivocity ground floor.

They aim to help people understand more about the causes of the haze, the efforts being taken to fight it, and opportunities for people in Singapore to take action instead of just suffering in silence.

Mr Tan Yi Han, one of the founder of PM Haze, invited Earth Society members to attend the Haze Exhibition.

On 07 Nov, Earth Society members visited the Haze Exhibition booth in Vivocity shopping mall. Volunteers from PM Haze lead us to tour the exhibits and explained the haze situation to us. We learn that the haze is a result of burning of peat lands for agriculture purpose.

More info on PM Haze and their exhibition can be found in their website:

Website :
Face Book:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Assembly Talk @ Balestier Hill Secondary (21 Oct)

Mdm Azlina Ibraim, a teacher in Balestier Hill Secondary, invited Earth Society to conduct an Assembly talk in the school on 21 Oct.

On 21 Oct, Earth Society members reached Balestier Hill Secondary at 9.20 am. We conducted a Global Warming Assembly talk for the Sec 1 to Sec 3 students from 9.40 to 10.25 am. The students and teachers listened attentively to the talk.

After the talk, we set up a booth at the school canteen to pass more info to interested teachers and students. We manned the booth till 11.30 am.

Mdm Azlina Ibraim gave the following feedback on the Assembly talk: “The talk was informative – covering a lot of areas on Global Warming. Incorporation of videos engaged the students.”

Assembly Talk @ Geylang Methodist Secondary (17 Oct)

Mr Chng Kiong Choon, Senior Teacher (Geography) in Geylang Methodist School (secondary), invited Earth Society to conduct an Assembly talk in the school on 17 Oct.

On 17 Oct, Earth Society members reached Geylang Methodist school at 7.15 am. We conducted a Global Warming Assembly talk for the Sec 1 to Sec 3 students from 7.45 to 8.20 am. The school cohort listened attentively to the talk.

After the talk, we set up a booth at the school canteen to gather feedback and pass more info to interested teachers and students. We manned the booth till 10.30 am.

Feedback from Students:
The talk helps us to understand that the world’s climate is changing due to human activities. The talk taught us how to prevent such changes and turn the world into a better place.   – Oh Zi L, Sec 2, GMS

I like the talk because it shows me the importance of saving the world by preventing global warming. The videos are interesting and catch our attention. 
– Hui Jun, Sec 1, GMS

I think it is very inspiring getting to know the dangers we are going to face in the future. I am going to do Veggie Thursdays and save the Earth! I’m going to share it with my family too!  – Khushbu Pun, Sec 2, GMS

"Disruption" Movie Screening and Discussion ( 27 Sep )

“350 Singapore” from Young NTUC organized an Eco-movie screening and discussion event at NTUC center (One Marina Boulevard) on 27 Sep.

Earth Society members participated in the event from 3pm to 5.30 pm.

The movie screened was “Disruption". It is a film which shows the devastating consequences of climate change if we do nothing to counter it. It also gives us an inside look into how passionate individuals from diverse groups such as environmental groups, trade unions, faith groups and social groups got together to drum up grassroots support for what is normally a distant issue for the layperson.

The movie is available for view on the website :

After watching the movie, a volunteer from “350 Singapore” led the participants to discuss on the topics covered in the movie. Some participants commented that the movie helped to raise awareness about climate change but did not offer a solution to it. Participants discussed on ways to reduce carbon food print such as buying more local produce (verses imported produce), supporting solar technology and reducing meat consumption.

After a fruitful discussion, the event ended at 5.30pm.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Health and Environment talk @ Great Eastern Center (08 Sep)

Mr Jordan Ho, Financial Adviser, invited Earth Society to conduct a Health and Environment talk at Great Eastern Center on 08 Sep.

Mr Jordan was introduced to Earth Society by Mr Low and thought that our message of Environmental protection and Healthy living is in line with Great Eastern’s “Live Great” philosophy.

On 08 Sep, Earth Society members reached Great Eastern Center at 9.30am.
We conducted a company talk from 9.45 till 10.30am. We shared on topics such as Reducing obesity, Alkaline the body to avoid Cancer, How Global Warming is affecting the planet and How reducing meat consumption can conserve the resources on the planet.

Great Eastern staff responded warmly to the talk and many left their email with us for further correspondence at the end of the talk.

Feedback from staffs:
Thank you for coming to share with us. Such information although available widely but has not been consolidated for the masses to understand. The linkages are done perfectly to bring everything into perspective. Very useful indeed!
- Yong Zhi, Great Eastern, Advisers Alliance

Thank you for your very informative sharing on Healthy living and Climate change. I find the statistics are very staggering and really something I didn’t know. I love the videos used as they give us more visuals and support.
- Jordan, Financial Adviser

Very in depth information about what is happening globally. Creates awareness among people who are always busy at work.    - Swee Yong, Advisers Alliance


赖玉珠女士,轻安村创办人,邀请地球协会成员参加轻安村Kampong Senang  第 6身心灵健康与环保研讨大会 (Holistic Wellness Symposium)

今年研讨会的日期是96日,地点是在醉花林Chui Huai Lim Club

健康与环保研讨大会分两场:华文研讨会(9点到1点), 英文研讨会(2点到6点)。





Thursday, September 25, 2014

Environment Talk @ Bedok Green Secondary (22 Aug)

Mdm Lee Choon Tien, teacher-in-charge of Environment Club in Bedok Green Secondary, invited Earth Society to conduct an Environment talk in the school on 22 Aug. This is the 3rd invitation we receive from the school in the past 3 years.

On 22 Aug, Earth Society members reached Bedok Green Secondary at 10.30am. We set up and manned a booth from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm.

We conducted an Assembly talk to the school cohort from 11.40 till 12.20pm. We presented on Overfishing, Deforestation, Animal factory farms, Greenhouse gas emissions and Environmental                                                                                              protection.

Students listened attentively to the talk and participated actively in the Quiz at the end of the talk. After the Assembly, many students visited our booth to write feedbacks for the talk and get more info on Environmental protection.

Feedback from Teachers:
The presenter shares with deep conviction and his passion could be felt by many. The talk was highly informative and I would recommend this to other schools. The selected video clips are short and interesting!
- Mr Karen Ching, Teacher, BGSS

The presentation was very informative and the timing is good, with use of animation, videos and stories to engage students and allow them to understand the effects of human action on the environment.
- Ms Fronlie, Teacher, BGSS

Feedback from Students:
I find the talk interesting and I’ve learnt a lot more about the Earth’s current state. I feel motivated to save the Earth.  – Hamada Masahiro, Sec 1, BGSS

The talk taught me about the environment. I also learn about the ocean and how the fishes are going extinct.  – Johnathan Ng, Sec 1, BGSS

I like the talk because it informs us about the issues causing Global Warming and convinces us to change for the better of the ecosystem. I believe that we can make a change and contribute to conserving the environment after learning about the states of the Earth, especially about the Ocean.  – Trisha Poh, Sec 4, BGSS

Lots of info that I can use in my Biology class. An interesting talk with videos and pictures. 
– Trisha Poh, Sec 4, BGSS

Friday, September 12, 2014

Environment Talk @ Winstedt School (15 Aug)

Mr Rizal Bin Baharom, Deputy Head of School (Winsted School), came across our Earth Society website when he was doing a search for Assembly talks in the internet. He was interested in the Assembly talks we provided and invited Earth Society to conduct an Environment talk to the school cohort on 15 Aug.

On 15 Aug, Earth Society members reached Winsted School at 9.15 am. We conducted an Environmental talk for 70 students (K1 to P6 level) from 9.30 till 10.00 am. The students listened attentively and participated actively in the Quiz at the end of the talk.

Feedback from Teachers:
The talk was very educational and the videos were very useful for the students to understand. Thank you for the reminder to protect the Earth ! - Mr Rizal, Deputy Head of School, Winsted School 

The presentation was very inspirational and informative with relevant statistics. I would love to use the content for my class to further study about it. - Ms Hye, Teacher, Winstedt school

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Assembly Talk @ St Andrew’s Junior School (13 Aug)

Ms Poh Toon Ling, teacher-in-charge of Eco club in St Andrew’s Junior School,
invited Earth Society to conduct an Assembly talk in the school on 13 Aug.

On 13 Aug, Earth Society members reached St Andrew’s Junior School at 7.45am. We conducted a Global Warming Assembly talk for P4 to P6 students from 8 till 8.30am. The students listened attentively to the talk.

After the talk, we set up a booth at the school canteen to gather feedback and pass more info to interested teachers and students. 
                                                                                    We manned the booth till 11 am.

Feedback from Teachers/ Students:

The content of the talk is meaningful and relevant to students. Facts from Singapore are shown in the slides. Videos that accompanied the slides engaged the students. Presentation time is appropriate and objectives were clear. The students enjoyed the learning. Good work! The Brochure given out was informative and interesting too.
 – Ms Poh Toon Ling, Eco-Club teacher, St Andrew’s JS

I like the talk because I learn how to conserve energy. I also learn that the world is in danger as the ice is melting quickly. I also learn about veggie Thursday. – Gareth Pang, P6, St Andrew’s JS

I think the talk is meaningful as it tells us about global warming. We all need to play a part to protect Earth.  
– Tan Jin Loy, P6, St Andrew’s JS

Assembly Talk @ Cedar Girls Secondary (08 Aug)

Ms Jaslyn Wong, a teacher of Cedar Girls Secondary, invited Earth Society to conduct an Assembly talk in the school on 08 Aug.

On 08 Aug, Earth Society members reached Cedar Girls Secondary at 1.45pm. We conducted an Assembly talk on Global Warming for the school cohort from 2.15 till 2.55pm. The talk showed the effects of climate change on different countries and featured solutions that scientists recommended to curb climate change. The students listened attentively to the presentation.

After the talk, Cedar Girls dancers performed a dance item with an Environment theme. The dancers danced gracefully to the tune of familiar songs such as “Let it go” from the Disney film “Frozen”.

After the Assembly, Earth Society members left Cedar Girls Secondary at 3 pm.

Feedback from Teachers:

The talk was definitely informative for the girls and the choice of content and videos did facilitate in bringing across the objective of the talk – how our actions are affecting climate change and how we can play a part in saving our environment. The organization and sequencing of the content on the slides and videos displayed the speaker’s careful consideration in ensuring that our girls receive the precise flow of information and I’m sure our girls are able to grasp new ideas and perspectives from the talk. - Ms Hui Ling, Teacher, Cedar Girls Secondary

The talk was very informative - a good choice on the videos which were engaging and managed to capture students' attention. He also shared a lot of information which is very relevant and related to the environment. The information provided new and fresh perspectives which I thought could be further highlighted during Geography lessons, hence they provided a good platform for discussions in class. It was a bit rushed though due to time constraints but major points were raised and highlighted. It was a good talk. Thank you!     - Ms Priscilla Lim, Teacher

The speaker included very relevant information that the students could relate to i.e. food consumption. It was definitely helpful in raising awareness and enabling the students (and myself!) to be more conscious of their own actions and their impact on the environment. I enjoyed the talk very much.  -  Ms Fiona Choo, Teacher

Feedback from Students:

- Good effort. Please keep doing more of such events as it will be an eye opener for people who are unaware of what is happening around the world.

- All in all, I find that both the talks by the Earth Society and the Environmental Club are very interesting, knowledgeable and also engaging. It has allowed me to understand the absolute need and urgency of saving the environment. The talks have allowed me to feel strongly about how Mother Nature is dying in our hands, and I feel that we all MUST put in effort to try to stop harming our beautiful nature.

- I think the talk by Earth Society was especially meaningful, and it made me realize how the simple actions that we do daily are actually causing great harm to the environment. I understand more how selfish humans are and I hope I would be able to increase awareness on this topic in the future.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Assembly Talk @ Compassvale Secondary (30 Jul)

Mrs Winnie Lim, Environment Club teacher-in-charge of Compassvale Secondary, invited Earth Society to conduct an Assembly talk in the school on 30 Jul.

On 30 Jul, Earth Society members reached Compassvale Secondary at 12.45pm. We conducted an Assembly talk on Global Warming for Sec 1 to Sec 5 students from 1 to 1.45pm. Students participated actively in a Quiz after the talk.

After the Assembly talk, we set up a booth at the school canteen from 1.45 till 2.30 pm. We left the school at 2.30pm

Assembly Talk @ Coral Secondary (11 Jul)

Ms Fabian Lim, Assembly co-ordinator of Coral Secondary, invited Earth Society to conduct an Assembly talk in the school on 11 Jul.

On 11 Jul, Earth Society members reached Coral Secondary at 7.30am. We conducted a Global Warming Assembly talk for the Sec 1 to Sec 4 students from 7.50 to 8.30 am. The school cohort listened attentively to the talk.

After the talk, we set up a booth at the school canteen to gather feedback and pass more info to interested teachers and students. We manned the booth till 10.30 am.

Feedback from Students: 

We learnt that Global Warming is destroying the ecosystem. We found the talk interesting and informative.   
– Tan Reagan, Biandon Ng, Coral Secondary

The talk taught us what we can do to save the Earth from falling apart. e.g Having a healthy lifestyle.   
– Karine Toh Miao Ru, Sec 2, Coral Secondary

I learnt that we should conserve water as it is a precious resource.    I will try to consume more vegetables and cut down on meat. I enjoyed the cute and informative videos in the talk.     
– Su Hui Ning, Sec 4, Coral Secondary.

Friday, July 18, 2014

环保讲座 @ 中国西安邮电大学 (6月5日)

中国西安邮电大学, 通信与信息工程学院副院长,刘颖博士,邀请地球协会在6月份到中国为大学生做环保讲座。刘副院长是在前几年到新加坡进行学术交流时认识地球协会的。刘副校长热衷于环保,并认同地球协会素食环保的环保理念。刘副院长在今年初就写信邀请地球协会的刘先生到西安邮电大学举办环保讲座。经过一番接洽与安排,刘副院长决定邀请刘先生夫妇在64日至6日到中国西安邮电大学举办环保讲座,学校将提供机票与住宿。

演讲内容包括:全球暖化对世界各地的影响(冰川融化、旱灾/水灾增加、海平面上升、粮食水源问题等),如何减低温室气体(多种树/减少肉食/用绿色能源/再循环)。演讲中呈现了许多环保短片,:科学家谈全球暖化短片、NASA总裁DrJames Hansen 暖化的影响、联合国IPCC主席帕乔尔谈减少碳足迹、戈尔Al Gore绿色能源短片、中国演艺界拍摄的《周一请吃素》短片等。





此次演讲对我有极强的震撼力,感谢老师此次环境保护的倡导演讲。此后我会加强自己的环保活动!- 李钧杰,西安邮电大学 学生

看了讲课,有很多感触。全球暖化,天气渐热。少吃肉、多吃素,有益健康,更有益地球。 - 王鹏,西安邮电大学 学生

-西安邮电大学 学生

彭同学,西安邮电大学 学生

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Environment Seminar @ Parsons Brinkerhoff company (28 May)

Mr Lakkur Sai Prakash, an Engineer in Parsons Brinkerhoff company, invited Earth Society to conduct a 1 hour seminar to 20 staffs on 28 May from 5 to 6pm. This is the 2nd year that Parsons Brinkerhoff invited us to the company.

On 28 May, Earth Society members reached Parsons Brinkerhoff at 4.55pm.
We conducted a 45 mins presentation on Overfishing, Deforestation, Greenhouse gas and Environmental protection. At the end of the seminar, we introduce some environmental heros such as Dr Jane Goodall, Captain Paul Watson of the Sea shepherd and NASA director Dr James Hansen to the staffs.

Staff’s Feedback:

The talk is really great. I learnt something today. - Jonathan Naidu, Engineer

It was an informative talk and an eye-opening experience to learn about the impacts of a meat-based diet on environment.   – Sushant Ghargi, Environmental Engineer